High voltage installations

Construction and maintenance of high voltage installations and networks...

High voltage installations

One of the other areas, where we have been active since 2001 is realisation, construction and maintenance of high voltage installations and networks. Currently we complete 300 projects per year. We are engaged in electroinstallations in industrial complexes, administrative and commercial centres and residential buildings. We are fully equipped with all necessary technology for working underground as well as in heights.

We provide

  • Negotiation of required permissions with network operators
  • Layout and measurement of circuits
  • Low voltage connections
  • Power mains for technology
  • Socket, light and mechanical circuits
  • Reserve power supply
  • Revision of specific electric equipment
  • Order and delivery of all components
  • Complete land, excavation and construction work
  • Obtaining and processing of all necessary applications with a particular power distributor

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TEMO Advantages

Solution Proposal

We design complete solution.


Project design

We provide all the design work.



We provide complete realization, negotiating all necessary permits etc.


Maintenance service

We provide full service and maintenance.