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Automatic control of blinds according to the ambient light or time of day. Of course there is a possibility to include blinds control in complex scenes that are controlled through a switch or a smartphone/tablet or timer.



Control all the lights via smartphone/tablet. Unlimited possibilities of scenes that are switched on/off using switch, smartphone/tablet or timer. Other devices such as blinds or appliance can also be connected to complex scenes. For example Scene TV may look like this: Lights darkening to 50% blinds halfway down + home theatre switched on.


Audio/Video devices control

Operate any audio/video device that is operable through infrared remote control using smartphone/tablet. Intelligent system learns the remote control commands and reproduces them to control devices. All these functions can of course be included in complex scenes.


Heating control

Control the temperature in the room not only by thermostats, but also remotely by smartphone/tablet or PC. Complete automation of temperature settings according to time of day and the outdoor temperature to maximize energy efficiencies and to improve comfort of residents. The intelligent system can be connected to conventional radiators, under-floor heating or heat mats.


Personalised functions

In addition to basic functions there is a range of specific functions which can be configured according to user’s needs. These may include remote control bathtubs, saunas, control and playback of various multimedia sources in multiple rooms, unlocking the front door by fingerprint, etc.



The intelligent system can be connected to a security camera system, so images from the cameras are accessible from smartphone/tablet anywhere. House or apartment can be remotely armed and reports on the status of the security system are sent to the smartphone/tablet. The intelligent door communication enables call forwarding on your smartphone/tablet if no one is home.


Due to increasing demand for home automation and intelligent households we have included home automation installations into our product portfolio. Intelligent electro installation provides comfort by enabling users to control lights, heating, window blinds and any other electrical equipment with the devices such as smartphone, tablet or PC. Home automation system also enables complex scenes and there really is no limitation to what intelligent household can do. Energy management, heating control, multi-room audio, door communication or intelligent bath tub which controls the water level and temperature remotely are only a few examples of what is possible with Home automation systems. Modern home automation systems also significantly improve energy efficiency of houses and flats due to intelligent temperature control.

In order to provide the most functionality with the best reliability we have decided to partner with company automationNEXT who is the manufacturer and developer of .next system which has been developed since 2002 and is used in multiple industry applications. We are proud to be exclusive supplier and integrator of automationNEXT products in the Czech Republic.

We are aware of the possibilities that this technology provides and we are excited to be part of building houses and flats of the future.

We provide

  • Complete design of the system
  • Optimalization of functions and complex scenes
  • Complete system configuration
  • Training for users
  • Complete installation of home automation system
  • Support and maintenance of the system
  • Complete electrical plans and electroinstallation
  • Training for systemintegrators

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