Metallic nad optical networks

Network layout, transfer, connection...

Metallic nad optical networks

Since 1994 we have been providing design, development, transfer and maintenance of all underground or air communication networks. We have significantly contributed to digitalisation of the Czech Republic and currently we complete around 1300 projects per year. We are fully equipped with all necessary technology for work underground as well as in heights. High quality and professional approach of our engineers is guaranteed.

We provide

  • Network layout
  • Transfer and connection of metallic and optical nets
  • Mechanical pull-in into ducts and collectors
  • Supply and installation of switch boards
  • Installation of HDPE tubes and microtubes
  • Measurement of metallic and optical cables,including detection of defects
  • Complete land and excavation work
  • Documentation for actual construction realization

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TEMO Advantages

Solution Proposal

We design complete solution.


Project design

We provide all the design work.



We provide complete realization, negotiating all necessary permits etc.


Maintenance service

We provide full service and maintenance.